Love & Lemons stands for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. My passion lies in educating others about the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy. I am here to help you build healthier habits, reduce waste and live in harmony with nature. By prioritizing these values today, we can collectively create a better tomorrow. Discover the world of holistic wellness through our workshops, Zoom sessions, team retreats, one-to-one consultations and home gatherings.



Let's get hands-on and create together! Love & Lemons' workshops can take place at home or through Facebook. Workshop fees depend on the materials needed, type of workshop, location, travel required and group size.  Distance is not an issue, as anything is possible. If you wish for us to come to you, some extra cost may apply depending on the location.

Some examples of our workshop theme include:

~ Green Cleaning

~ Holistic methods and aromatherapy for professionals

~ Yoga

~ Healthy Cooking 

~ Crystals and Aromatherapy

~ Fitness

~ Sleep

~ Essential Oils for Children

~ Essential oils for emotional health

~ Safety

Home or Company Retreat

Hosting an intimate gathering at your home or a team retreat for your company can be a great way to get together with friends, colleagues or employees. Experience essential oils through yoga, meditation, group discussions and other creative activities.

Online Education

You can attend our online education sessions by yourself or in a group via our Zoom Classroom. 

Individual: $45/person

Group: $45/person (Minimum of 3 participants to a maximum of 20)