Essential Oils to Help You Through the Holiday Season

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The Christmas season is for creating joyful memories and reflecting on meaningful moments of the past. But for many, the never-ending to-do lists, dinners, parties, family and friends visiting can feel overwhelming. Stress and the holiday season often go hand-in-hand. Essential oils are great tools to keep your spirits up and maintain your energy. Their aromatherapeutic benefits can support our mind, body, and soul. Scent has the powerful ability to transport us to past memories. To help you get through this busy season, we came up with easy ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your holiday routine.

Bring the Holiday Spirit into Your Home With These Blends

Whether you want your house to smell like a Christmas tree, gingerbread cookies, or the crisp winter air, we got you covered with our selection of single essential oils and blends. Ditch the toxic candles and infuse your home with pure, festive goodness.

Uplift the spirit and cleanse the air with our energizing Noel Blend. It combines Balsam Fir, Cedar Leaf, Sweet Orange, and Cinnamon Bark into a sweet yet spicy holiday scent. Not only does it smell like a Christmas Tree in a bottle, but it is also a powerful tool to help boost and maintain a healthy immune, respiratory and digestive system.


  • Add 5 to 10 drops to your diffuser. If you have pets, please allow them to escape if they don't approve of the scent.

  • You can use Noel on your immune points by adding 10 - 12 drops in a 10 ml roller bottle filled with your favourite carrier oil. For children 5 yrs and up, we suggest 5 drops.

  • Use in a facial steam bath by adding 1 drop to boiled water and by covering your head with a towel. Take deep breaths. Add a few drops to your sauna or hot tub to create a full spa experience.

  • Apply it to your abdomen prior to eating by adding 5 drops in 5 ml carrier oil of your choice.

Our most popular blends Armour & Wheeze are also great companions to get through the holidays, but also wonderful to use all year round!

Get Some Sleep Before Santa Comes

If you are feeling anxious, excited, or have trouble falling asleep, essential oils are bound to help ease your mind. Our Fleur roller blend, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Ylang Ylang,